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anyway if it is financial, technology, it has to be concern of the fed mixed into all of this, what is on your radar? >> you're getting talk about the debt ceiling coming in, it all came to a crescendo today. more importantly looking at the technicals, the 50 day moving average have a hard time getting back above it. now on the downside, the s&p is passing the moving average so to me we have not had a huge break over the summer time and i think this is it. we can talk about airstrikes with the repercussions i think that will come of this out of the middle east are not going to be good. it is a lot of uncertainty for the market. i think obama made a big mistake drawing a line in the sand. you're talking about the israelis, they will not draw a line in the sand. we will not wait for a way to tell us to go. cheryl: the spread on the brent contract has been fascinating to watch. >> we are a lot more self-sufficient than we have been in years, so w the contract will react more violently to the strike when it happens than we will. the contract really has a lot more room to the upside to r
of a stock. technology is an issue here. everything is now run by computers. the markets are computerized. when computers run the show, they break down. they screw up. human beings screw up, but there are others to patch it. connell: all of these things that you brought up, and these are big issues, the fact that yesterday was not a complete mess in terms of market panic, what does that tell us? is that good news? charlie: this is a big deal. it has the average investors saying i do not want any parts in stocks. they are not investing in these great companies like apple. what makes america great are these companies that are in these big companies. connell: maybe they should be reassured? >> the average investor should not feel reassured. the markets are broken right now. they need fixing. they need fixing from a structural standpoint. when stuff runs as it is running now, trades are being done on dark pools. we know they had something to do with the listed price. we do not know exactly what is going on. the other issue is the technology. is it up to the task of running the markets? it is
to any technology based company, we're not perfect; right? we're 99.99% perfect. we're not perfect. we have problems. if we do, we maintain a fair and orderly market. that's what we did yesterday, and it's important to recognize the fact we didn't trade for several hours. if you're a traditional long investor, mom and pot institutional investor, that three hours doesn't matter. you buy in the stock for the longer period of time; right? the fact is, every single person was in the same situation. nobody was relatively advantaged or disadvantaged because the market was down. liz: i'll say that probably didn't sit well with some very sophisticated mom and pop investors who jump in and out of stocks. there's many out there. we talk about that, and more including what i asked the ceo to do, which was give me a 30-second pitch. pretend i'm twitter, not public, how do you convince twitter to go public when you have the facebook problem in the ipo a year ago, may, where that ipo was not smooth on the nasdaq, and then, of course, yesterday's flash freeze. charlie also just off the phone with bob
people were working hard to make sure everything went back. but again, technology's complicated. these issues will happen, unfortunately, but what we have here is a resolution in terms of controls. and i think that's something probably that nasdaq and the regulators have to work on to avoid things like this happening not only in exchanges like nasdaq, but also in trading firms like in the case of knight capital. ashley: but, look, to err is human, to really screw up it takes a computer, and when you have all of this information all coming in very complex systems, part of the problem was the nasdaq couldn't push the old reboot, reset button because it was so interconnected with all the other exchanges. is this something we have to live with? >> no, we have to definitely review the technology. nasdaq has been in the electronic trading for 40 years, so obviously, i'm really surprised that the data feed was something that could be going wrong today. maybe it was a software glitch, maybe the data was corrupted, we don't know yet what happened really, and i think there's going to be t
are big technology names and name you have writtenextensively about, apples and microsofts and the googles and on and on. they were kind of frozen in time. trading was all but halted. i'm wonderg whether it affected them as well. callers interested in those stocks, is there a sense that you can't always trade them cleanly, whatever? >> i think this points out the pros and cons of technology. technology lowered the barriers for all sorts of investors to be able to trade. but it doesn't -- when it goes down, it really goes down. the ultimate hits are not going to go down like that. i think charlie is absolutely right. the sec totally failed. nasdaq needs to have a fail-safe system. they don't. they shouldn't be allowed to operate until they do. >> you know, ben stein, i do remember the days when you look at the floor of the stock stock and it's crowded with people. now it's tumbleweeds. so i'm wondering what happened? and is that the problem? have we taken the human out of it and made it so high-tech that it's high problem? >> the only way this would happen if there was the open crisis on li
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, and they are reinventing themselves. think ever not just innovation and technology, but look at the lining around the city, shake shack? i mean, that's innovative burger, and people wait an hour to get one. adam: it's greasy though. >> it's good enough to wait an hour in line, but there's forms of innovation, and in the trucking industry -- lori: despite worker regulations on the hours they drive? >> doesn't help, but they have to work around that stuff, and that makes them -- at the end of the day, more competitive. adam: sensing a takeover? >> glad you said that. they have been in the rumor mill on and off for a long time, and hammered in part because of poor excuse, oversold despite the fact it's coming back. feel like they are chasing breakouts, and the new ceo is a woman, i think, the first woman to run the company in a long time. womenning the -- woman of a trucking company. innovation; right? these old-schoolboys from ors, okay, thinking out of the box. i like it. earnings estimates for the fiscal year this year and next year rocket to the upside. wall street expects big things from the company and
the importance of technology. and we cannot forget what the nasdaq has become. going to a controlled company to a publicly traded nasdaq. dennis: let's go back. >> i like this hillary. i really like her. dennis: when something like this goes wrong, which would you prefer as a guy in the business, that the ceo of the nasdaq comes out right away and says we are looking into it. right now i don't know anything. he sta on tv and is talking all day. or would you prefer other silence and then at the end of the day they come out with some incomprehensible statement? >> of course that technology in getting that back up and going is great. from the standpoint of communication, you have to communicate because people will naturally get fearful without knowledge. people will start doing things they should not do. absolutely shouldave had better communication. dennis: hillary. >> just remember -- dennis: i have a question. my questions are far more important than your answers. [laughter] but it occurs to me, everyone saying this will further undermine confidence among small investors. really couldn't you
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to be clear on some technologies. that is one thing to delay it or another to defund it out right. are new that camp? do you think that it is important enough and principled enough cause, to go ahead and risk a shut down? >> i'm not talking about a shut down, the shut down will come on the heel -- in the lap of president obama. because he is the one that said, and also signed several pieces of legislation that has repealed or replaced . >> i know what you are saying, i guess what i'm getting at, you are right there is another way that it is president bringing on shut down, but speaker and other main treatment republicans, if you will, said it will be on republicans could and look like last government shut down, they will get the blame. >> you see, that is the politics of it i will be honest and clear. that is such a phase willure of leadership -- that is such a failure of leadership. like what i just did, you know, i was born and raised in georgia went to university of tennessee i am not some harvard educated gent els -- gentlemen, but if ie explain it, why can't house leader explain it ju
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other than the 8 talked about synergies but we get this with people with the technology and fletcher is contemplating a fairly significant cuts once the merger gets close. i believe it is closed at the beginning of the third quarter, sometime in the fall we should point out. it is interesting, quick to somebody the stock exchange has, quote, 20 lawyers doing the same thing. when you have that type of overlap, he thinks there is a lot of fat to be trimmed from the stock exchange. the new york stock exchange will tell you they need a lot of overhead. this is a different animal than the police which is the computerized trading mechanism which focuses on options and the stock exchange and other things get a listing, gets companies to list on the stock exchange marketing and advertising that goes along with that which means more head count. it will meet in new middle. from what i understand there's not a lot of middle ground here. they have been running the show from what i understand and basically the new york stock exchange for better or worse is being managed, they do not have much say
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is technology. yes, we've had a huge technology boom that led us produce our oil production to saudi levels in recent years. but ultimately it's going to be something really unseeded. maybe 10 or 20 years away from that. we have already drilled all the he's why toy get oil. we're in a mess because of it. once we drill hard to get oil which is what we're doing now, then the saudis are going to go after the oil and be more powerful. tracy, what do you think of that? >> i don't know. they hate us. they hate us. so who cares if their product is cheaper? and to gary's point, we have so much of it here. we actually -- we know that opec is getting nervous already about how much we have here. if it weren't for the regulations and all the nonsense here at home preventing us from getting it out, then we would be energy efficient. we could be faster than people think. if the regulations coming out of washington are preventing this. >> david, what do you think? should we be less dependent on mideast oil given all that's happening over there? >> well, i think as gary pointed out earlier, we are rducing
technologically-driven our economy is, especially these high speed trades and, you know, smart grid, et cetera, the more vulnerable are we to potential interruptions. >> now to the regulators, people familiar with the matter tell fox business, commodities future trading commission is looking for new rules for high speed computer changes. sec chairman mary jo white plans to hold a meeting with marketing officials and nasdaq about the marketing freeze. they plan to have new standards and fines for electronic trading networks t would require them to test their systems and design plans for failures. house services and staff there are examining the issue. tracy? tracy: rich edson, thank you very much. adam: for more on yesterday's nasdaq flash freeze and what is means for investors, brian jacobsen, wells fargo fund management. he is the chief portfolio strategist and he joins us now. get back to the question of nasdaq. have they thoroughly explained this to the satisfaction of investors and market participants? >> stock price reaction would suggest they haven't thoroughly explained or people didn't
technology. but they're getting around that with the boats. tucson has wonderful technologies, but all it does is presses them to other points. and now the new point of entry now is texas. the rio grande valley, the immigration flow has 55%. without a national strategy and plan to dix state where we put those resources we're going to continue to throw money at the problem without a real solution. >> and your proposal, this administration, to be clear, has rolled back 287g, the co-op prative legislation that authorized regulation, that authorizes cooperation between the immigration authorities, the border patrol, and local law enforcement. this administration wants no part of it. your law, your bill, would encourage that cooperation. what has been the reaction? >> local law enforcement are force multiplier. the ones down the border have a valuable role to play. the border sheriffs endorse my bill, they support it, because it gives -- this bill gives them a voice as stakeholders as to what the national strategy is going to be and what the implementation plan is going to be along with the
language -- technological practice artechnoe time you get to the third year of the building of that, it is obsolete, and if i am attacking u.s., do i attack the port or an allie or the nazdaq? >> you think there was some what of a concerted effort of a variety of folks with bad intentions. >> oh, yeah, are you kidding me, i've talked to people in the administration where they said, what do you think your biggest threat is. if i want to destabilize the economy of the u.s., i set up a fund, and go i through a couple years of trading alga rythm, i have a fat finger knowing it will trigg downstream 20 bad events we saw a na nazdaq freez, and we've seen a flash crash. are not that big into the market. >> no. i sat in a group this week with entrepreneurs and small business people, i said which do you think is more stable, gives you a better with more tra transpar, vegas in the casino or stock market. it was 100%. vegas and t casino. peop do not trust the second stock ansecondstock any more --e any more, they don't trust it. there is no system that cannot be hacked. right now or stock mark
of your finger how technology changes the way we all invest. next. charles: if we have convinced you of anything it is never too late to new may get your market. you can maximize your savings and to find stocks online we have the vice president of the trading experience at scottrade. welcome to the show. with let's talk about the state of trading right now is main street starting to filter back in? >> we believe they are. we have seen a 300 percent increase since 2009 trading levels have picked up in the most interesting part between 18 and 24 year olds are now the bigger client base. charles: are they buying stocks? do they buy the things like the facebook it is? >> they are different with the tools of one be provide access for the research for whatever types of stock or etfs for mutual fund that they want we see a variety across the board. charles: it is not important to you what they buy but how often they trade? obviously you make money but at some point it could backfire because that is what happens during the last market boom could that be a problem? >> absolutely. a great poin
caught flat footed with the changes, with globalization and technology. we didn't have a policy, and so all these minorities in cities, particularly, are left without jobs. he dieded, by the way, going, striking with garbage workers when he died. neil: that's right. >> he cares for average workers who in the new economy, we're caught flat footed, and so on an optimistic note, we believe in empowerment, not just a question of government spending -- >> support school choice then? >> how can we go to a new economy that's not simply low wage with the jobs that don't pay -- neil: all right, guys, i think we conclude here that at least begin our track record, the government's record on solving, it's failed. maybe it's time to reprioritize, and you offer good ideas in that regard. gentlemen, thank you. meanwhile, half a trillion dollar fine for bad bet curtesy of u.s. governments with a wale singling out an investment bank of losing money because in the end the firm made money. the government punishing it now is good at losing. ♪ and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media
problem when you rely on technology. there could be a flaw in one of the systems that allow bringing down the system. dennis: i think they be reduced the chances of this having anything to do with an outside attack. >> a rather sophisticated system that they are talking about. it seemed hackers can go with a lot less sophisticated approach. >> i think that is right. especially when we are talking about china. they do not appear to be interested in, you know subverting the infrastructure. now, some nation states are known to have that kind of interest. they have been blocked in their attacks simply by and in capability to do so. there is a subculture of crime that is out there. you can hire rogues. they will conduct these attacks were relatively small amounts of dollars. spend a couple hundred thousand dollars and you could get into the most sophisticated systems in the world and cause a problem. dennis: thank you very much. cheryl: we have nicole petallides it, of course, sandra smith standing by. we are awaiting some type of statement from the nasdaq. the nasdaq is intending to reopen. i
nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. connell: "markets now" back with a pretty interesting topic. the performance of ceos. these are depressing numbers, 40% of the nation's best paid chief executives and up as failures. over the past two decades. fired, run fraudulent companies, whatever it may be. we bring in former chairman at goldman sachs and now a chairman at the harvard business school. that sounds very high, 40% failure rate. >> it says a lot about the financial crisis we went through an '08, '09. a lot of the highly paid ceos were financial services firms and many of them failed, as we know, and were overleveraged. i think the lesson of this is not lost on companies and corporate boards in that bottom-line profitability to judge ceo comp, yo you're lookig at it narrowly, you have to look at the leverage and how much risk the company is taking on the balance sheet. you have to look at other factors in terms of building a franchise, ma
that technology in getting that back up and going is great. from the standpoint of communication, you have to communicate because people will naturally get fearful without knowledge. people will start doing things they should not do. absolutely should have had better communication. dennis: hillary. >> just remember -- dennis: i have a question. my questions are far more important than your answers. [laughter] but it occurs to me, everyone saying this will further undermine confidence among small investors. really couldn't you give a message until small investors that this should not underne your confidence? this is not worth worrying about. >> it isn't worth worrying about because we saw the proof is in how the market closed. it closed at. we were able to jump right back in there. we should never forget that bothers the tech guide. he has led the nasdaq to a global international success, a lot of foreign companies public and does so much more. maybe he's not the best communicator, but he is a awfully great technology guy. dennis: also supposed to be a very generous guy. think he will be se
for a cup machine. i thought basically that the limit was technology. you guessed the reason story that said it's more regulation. >> people think of technology for innovation in terms of technology, all the gadgets and computers and everything, but a lot is going on in payments and how you pay for things. you go the starbucks, swipe card. swipe your cell phone. just like before, a lot of these things are created by start-ups. companies here in new york in every orioles. but what we have is this patchwork of market regulation on the state level and then another on the federal level. in a lot of cases this is stifling what these companies of trying to do. part of the problem is the fact that these are regulations from the age when western union was help people sent money around in a credit card was not moving. dennis: have the regulators tried to keep up? >> they have tried some of the we have also gone through this era. one of the problems is we have a lot of rules and regulations related to money laundering, terrorism. the u.s. a patriot act and also in california one of the big problems, t
. but i know this, it is weird, and unsettling. what you can't trade some of the biggest technology stocks on the planet, they are just sitting there, prices frozen in time, forget they are sitting ducks, if this keeps happening in our high-tech super fast trading word just duck. still so much we don't know, customers don't know if their orders got through and people in charge of the orders unable to tell us if they did. focus not on lawsuit that i am sure are coming but a very disturbing pattern hd to deny, this last week, washington post web site hacked, "new york times" news and web site down for hours, time sites, cnn cite, amazon.com site, each hit all down, and we're supposed to be relieved when they get back up? i don't know if they are connected. but i can connection dots, our mightist media, and financial sites where we shop, read, and trade, stop on a dime, costing them a lot of dimes, millions in potential revenue prose en -- frozen revenue because someone or something got in and messed it up. it slows trading on scores of other exchanges in chicago. in new york, and countless o
of the reasons why. the analysts are saying voice technology is becoming a critical part that users are going to come to expect in the future in their wearable devices and their apple devices. but even going beyond apple, they're saying that you have to look at voice cancellation and voice recognition technology. this is a new market. so these shares are up sharply and with that, of course, we're also watching apple shares which at last check were up a little bit as well. cheryl: all right. thank you very much, lauren simonetti, for the new york stock exchange. a lot of breaking news. closing bell's going to be ringing, we've got 49 minutes to go, and media companies like "the new york times" under fire from hack aers who support -- hackers who support the syrian president. coming up next, what, if anything, can be done to stop cyber attacks on media web sites? >>> and as the u.s. prepares for possible missile strikes from syria, we're going to look at the dangers of a much bigger conflict and the potential risk to world markets. a global market strategist and a former cia officer going to gi
announcing he is heading a coalition of technology companies with the noble aim of giving internet access to the 5 billion people on this planet who have yet to go online. he said the web is in the simple part of life. everyone deserves to be connected with it and live in norway, nicaragua, or bolivia. philanthropy or a bid to create more facebook users. could be both. one not. up next republicans and democrats at odds over much more than policy. in the "chalk talk" we will show you differences, every day preferences on display differences between republicans and democrats, conservatives and liberals. it's for real. were coming right back. ♪ lou: i don't know about you, but i get tired of people saying we ought to watch the two parties work together. there is not any real difference between democrats and republicans, they ought to be able to move ahead. well, not so easy. especially after looking at in new studies out, talking about the differences between republicans and democrats, one group loves to tax and spend, the other, for lower taxes and fewer regulations, smaller government. b
and american companies can take a -- take a vintage. looking at technologies new methods of doing business but not just high-tech look get the shakes jack they have done something different waiting in line $1 for a burger. it is called innovation. also execution. you did have the greatest team in the world but updated on how to play together or a manager to make them play together, they will not win. management can navigate all kinds of economies in the ability to take market share , the ability to do great things. those are things that you want. takes more time to find this but when new do, yosleep better. forget about the p-e ratio. we do want to have fun because he learned the importance of the global economy and why it is important. here is a quiz. do you know, what city this is? i also posted a picture earlier of my twitter feed. tweet me if you think you know, the swer and i will give you a few clues. 4 million people, a big luxury hotel destination area, four seasons just open and the main engine of growth is not wheel that i will reveal the winner in to you by this picture is wor
of the line drug distributor. david: and technology, what do you think of that sector in general? >> we'll see something out of apple over the next couple weeks. we'll see what kind of products they are bringing out. david: what do you think it will be? >> we think it is clear a 5s, a cheaper phone. david: won't be a game-changer oror new product entirely no. >> no. i think that will be in the iphone 6. we want to look what happens in china, whether they have a china mobile phone. david: because you're looking at apple you have a stock that relates closely to apple, ttm technologys. >> they do manufacturing of the printed circuit boards that go into a lot of phones. we're seeing hiring at their fa facilities and that is a good indication something is coming. david: "wall street journal" how to look for stocks. tim are you looking at european stocks at all? >> you know, we've been looking how they have been responding i guess given the better economic data but let's not forget there is a big german election coming up. perhaps this isn't surprising coming into the german selections. given what i
had to leave ungraciously after the problems with mapping. he understands cool technology. he obviously has engineering background. any chance you could see his name over there. >> there are any number of names, adam. there have been a lot bandied b the stock price is not so much indictment of ballmer as it is validation and goodwill and value of that franchise, brand name, the enterprise value. if they figure out how to cobble important parts on to the enterprise value, for example, whether it is social media or some sort of entertainment platform that can relate to the enterprise they have got a real go ahead mine there. the question is who is best to exploit it? there are a lots of good names. bill gates will have his hand who the final one is chosen. liz: we had in the last hour these names thrown out, tony bates of skype, mark hurd of oracle and, from google. all those names might be considered. >> absolutely. liz: mark sebastian, we look forward traditionally one of the slowest weeks, what do you think happens? we know volume will be slow but that just means swings can b
investors. >> please go ahead. >> clearly the technology glitch will affect markets across the board. even though this is just centralized by nasdaq, the investor sentiment will be affected by this. multiple instances. multiple instances of this, and this is going to get the ball rolling as to how technology has outgrown the rules and the needs to be all revamp of the system. clearly we have had issues before. having humans here to fix things quickly is what is the most important thing. as you were saying, i disagree. you're saying that some of these are trading in the dark. they halted trading across the board. >> a stock in trade anywhere. it does not have to trade at the new york stock exchange. i'm just saying, you could trade a stock. you can trade. >> but they are not trading. it is halted on the primary markets. >> on the primary market. suppose you're right each rated have a bunch of orders of facebook or when this went down. your telling can't go to a dark pool and get it done. >> they're not treating them that guard pools. if anything, they're hedging his bets. >> you should be a
. what did they tell you?. >> matter of an e-mail with technology issues and they're working diligently apas they can to get them fixed. that is all you can hope for in a crisis. melissa: do you have feel you have any damages as a result of what happened today. >> not the least bit. the stock will trade tomorrow and our customers will be happy as they were today. melissa: spencer jacob, from "the wall street journal." what do you think about that? he switched over last week and today? >> a bit of bad luck. if he was doing an ipo today, that would be much more serious. melissa: right. >> compare this, this affected every single stock on the exchange. kind of incredible trading completely halted for three hours. melissa: yes. >> compare it to facebook. you keep hearing phrases hurting confidence in the market. if you're talking about mom-and-pop's. melissa: you think it hurts confidence the market? >> it hurts confidence of financial players. products are socom plex and producted are priced off one another. he is change traded funds carry basket of stocks some which trade on nyse, some wh
're a college professor like myself, exploiting technology. universities have been loathe to do that. they really need to do that to better service students. if you do that you will be a leader on campus and get a raise. melissa: peter, what do you think about that? branch out into something new. good time to take advantage of low interest rates. i like this. this is positive thinking. this is good way to take advantage current environment we're in. >> banks have -- melissa: you're being a pessimist like that. >> but, investors are looking to put something with their money somewhere and they can't get interest rates like they used to. angel investors are good place to turn. melissa: peer-to-peer. we did that yesterday on the show. >> new ways to take advantage of the that if you have a new business idea. melissa: harry you're back with us? can you hear us? >> yeah. melissa: you advocate hiding in cash. what about hard assets? what about buying a house with interest rates as low as they are, prices at a very low level. they're not likely to go lower from here. wouldn't that be a good
's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights hp'sthat help nascars us turn millions of tweets, win with our fans. >> sound the trumpets. we're back to 14,800 ♪ . yes, that was fast. look at the price of gold, no trumpets required for this. 1420, down 20 cents. the price of oil, ouch, 110 per barrel. a couple of names you know. higher costs cutting into the profits of companies that makes jack daniels. and brown foreman, down. and now, another factor that some companies are using to determine whether to lend your money. what's that factor? facebook, if your friends don't pay their bills, it could reflect negatively upon you. paul oster, credit repairman. when i go to get a loan or an insurance product or whatever, you mean to tell me they're going to look at my facebook account if i had one and find out who i communicate with? >> absolutely, where you check in. where key strokes you've typed out there, anything you've ever put on facebook will be aggregated, the data, compiled, filters used by banks and insurance companies to determine what
. soothing words. thank you for being here. facebook co announcing he is heading a coalition of technology companies with the noble aim of giving internet access to t 5 billion people on this planet who have yet to go online. he said the web is in the simple part of life. everyone deserves to be connected with it and live in norway, nicaragua, or bolivia. philanthropy or a bid to create more facebook users coulbe both. one not. up next republicans and democratst odds over much more than policy. in the "chalk talk" we will show you differences, every day preferences on display differences between republicans and democrats, conservatives and liberals. it's for real. were coming right back. ♪ any last requests mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps, and...it's taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the
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